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Walls and Ceilings
Add the perfect finishing touches, ceiling lights and wall sockets
Bespoke Garden Studios Exeter Decorated Plasterboard
Walls and ceilings are finished with decorated plasterboard to your specification
Bespoke Garden Studios Exeter Interior Cladding
We can also finish the interior with wooden cladding depending on the affect you are looking for
Bespoke Garden Studios Exeter Lighting and Sockets
We will incorporate ceiling lights and wall sockets as specified in your design
Exeter Bespoke Garden Studios Heating
Heated and insulated for all year comfort
Exeter Bespoke Garden Studios Locally sourced suppliers and materials, wherever possible
Exeter Bespoke Garden Studios Class A fire rated

Bespoke Garden Studios Exeter
"Beautiful finishes for a beautiful space. Speak to us to start planning your amazing space."
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9 Ley Crescent
Nr. Exeter
TQ12 6JH
Unit 25
Teignbridge Business Centre
Cavalier Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6TZ
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Telephone. 01626 818510
Or call Ian on | 07792 425194

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